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We can offer a Professional Employment Organization or PEO program. A PEO allows its member employers to purchase products and services through an umbrella organization that has tens of thousands of employees. So where you are now using multiple vendors for these services you would use one. Since you are buying them as if you were an entity that could have 25,000 employees you receive the pricing of a Fortune 500 company. Member employers pick the services they want from the PEO. These include employee benefits, payroll, workers compensation, HR services and many others. We work with over 40 in CT alone.

What is a Professional Employment Organization?

A Professional Employment Organization (PEO) is not a temp firm, staffing agency, a simple payroll service or a placement agency. Instead a PEO serves as an extension of your existing Human Resources department.

What Services are offered?

  • Payroll Processing/Administration
    • Hours, timesheets, data collected and processed- with online reporting for managers.
    • Taxes filed- federal, state and local.
    • Direct deposits
    • Automated paid time off tracking
    • Many more!
  • Benefits & Compensation Administration
    • Medical, Dental, Disability, Life, Short Term and Long Term Disability
    • Retirement Benefits such as 401k.
    • Compliance with HIPAA, FMLA, Employee Assistance Plans.
    • New hire employee enrollments handled.
    • Employee documents and files maintained.
    • Many more!
  • Employment Administration & Support
    • Employee Handbooks reviewed (or developed), updated, delivered and maintained.
    • Managers' administrative manual reviewed (or developed), updated, delivered and maintained.
    • On-line access to Human Resource Information System for managers and employees provided.
    • Job Descriptions, Personnel policies, Discrimination training.
    • Many more!
  • Employer Liability Administration
    • OSHA
    • Workers Compensation (coordination, claim administration etc)
    • Unemployment claims and hearings handled.
    • Equal Employment Opportunity/Civil Rights guidance.
    • Many More!
  • Government Compliance
    • OSHA
    • Wage & Hour
    • Immigration
    • Employee records Management
    • New Healthcare Reform reporting.
  • Growth & Development
    • Management Training
    • Recruiting, interview and candidate selection administration.

A PEO will free up your time to focus on what you do best- GROW YOUR BUSINESS. You want to bring in more business and you want to retain your employees with competitive benefits packages. In order to stay competitive all your options should be considered. As a Brokerage Agency we can compare a PEO approach along with all of the traditional methods of offering benefits.

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